NQ Scottish History

Explore the ages that shaped Scotland

Please note that the following resources refer to the old Higher History qualification first offered in 2010 and NOT the new National Qualifications which have been developed to meet the aims of Curriculum for Excellence.

Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching guide

Gain an in-depth understanding of the revised Higher History course, in particular the compulsory Paper 2 Scottish History unit.

Wars of Independence

The Scottish Wars of Independence, 1286-1328

Explore the issues that surrounded the Scottish Wars of Independence. Follow key figures in Scottish history such as Robert the Bruce, William Wallace and John Balliol as they struggled to develop a new Scottish identity.
Age of Reformation

The Age of Reformation, 1542-1603

Learn about the Reformation in Europe, Scotland at the time of the Reformation, the reign of Mary and the relationship between James VI and the Kirk.

Treaty of Union

The Treaty of Union, 1689-1740

Read about the events and debates that led to the unification of Scotland and England into the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Discover how unification triggered widespread unrest in Scotland that led to the Jacobite Rebellion.

Migration and Empire

Migration and Empire, 1830-1939

Study the movement of people travelling both to and from Scotland in search of new fortunes. Learn why many families abandoned their homes for unknown futures in distant colonies such as Canada and Australia, while others journeyed from parts of Europe to settle in Scotland.

Impact of the Great War

Impact of the Great War, 1914-1928

Experience how the Great War affected the people of Scotland. Here, you can read and listen to real accounts of life on the battlefield, and learn about the lasting impact of the First World War on Scottish society, culture and politics.