NQ Scottish History

Classroom materials

Essential documents

These two documents form the basis of study for this course.

PowerPoint presentations

These presentations cover several topics in additional detail.

Writing frames: central issues

These writing frames cover the topics of:

  • Religious reform versus religious conflict
  • Mary's security on the throne
  • James VI's success at controlling the Kirk
  • The impact of the Reformation on Scottish society and culture to 1603

Writing frames: additional coursework

These writing frames cover the topics of:

  • Change versus continuity
  • Mary of Guise's death and the success of the Reformation
  • The efforts of the reformers versus other influences
  • Mary's responsibility for her loss of the throne
  • James VI's success at altering the Kirk

Evaluating sources worksheet

This worksheet provides a framework for students to evaluate source with reference to their provenance and content and with reference to their wider historical context.

Analysis and overview

This article from 'The Oxford Companion to Scottish History' and accompanying writing frame provide analysis of the way in which the Reformation in Scotland took place.

Blast and Counterblast

This book, subtitled 'Contemporary Writings on the Scottish Reformation', was published by the Saltire Society in 1960. A guide to its use with this course is also provided.

Audio pack

Download all of the audio files for this topic.

Learning and Teaching guide

Gain an in-depth understanding of the revised Higher History course, in particular the compulsory Paper 2 Scottish History unit.