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Extract from Church of Scotland, Elgin Kirk Session minutes, 1592

The Kirk session in each parish consisted of the minister and elders and its minutes record the session’s dealings with the parishioners, including poor relief and the moral behaviour of the community.

This is an extract from the Church of Scotland Elgin Kirk session minutes, against James Roy, piper, for playing the bagpipes at night and on Sunday afternoon at time of church service, 1 november 1592.

National Archives of Scotland, Crown ©, CH2/145/1/43



1 November 1592

James Roy, pyper, accusit for ganging through the toun playing on his gryit pyipe in the nycht seasoun without consent or licence of the toun and magistrates thairof and lykwayis for playing this last Sonday vpoun his gryit pyip at eftirnone in tyme of preaching in contempt of God his word and kirk and thairfoir thai appoint him to stand in the hairclayth on Sonday nixt and mak his repentance publictlie and that he remane in the stepill till he find caution to do the same.