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Extract from the Acts of Parliament, that householders have bibles and psalm books, 10 November 1579

From July 1578, when James VI attended his first parliament, until 1585, there were six parliaments and about eleven conventions of the estates. This suggests that this was a period of weak royal government.

National Archives of Scotland, Crown ©, PA2/12 fol.24v


Extract, translated from Scots

That householders have bibles and psalm books, ch 5

Item, it is statute and ordained by our sovereign lord and his three estates in this present parliament that all gentlemen, householders and others worth 300 merks of yearly rent or above, and all substantial yeomen or burgesses, likewise householders, estimated to be worth £500 in lands or goods, be held to have a bible and psalm book in vulgar language in their houses for the better instruction of themselves and their families in the knowledge of God, within a year and a day after the date hereof, each person under the pain of £10; and that the provost and bailies of each burgh, and such person in every parish to landward as shall have the king's commission, search, inquire and try who fails herein; and they being convicted thereof, to uptake the said pain from everyone that fails, one third part to themselves for their pains and the two [other] parts to the help and relief of the poor of the parish.