NQ Scottish History

The Age of Reformation, 1542-1603

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In the early 1500s the socio-political landscape of Scotland, as with most of Western Europe, was heavily influenced by the Catholic Church, led by the Pope.

However, a split in the church had developed and begun to spread across the continent. It was the beginning of the Reformation in Europe.

1) Background

• The Reformation in Europe
• The Church in Scotland

2) The Reformation of 1560

• The Reformation in Scotland
• Scotland's relationship with France
• Scotland's relationship with England

3) The reign of Mary, 1561-67

• Mary's return from France
• Religious and political tensions 
• Murder at Holyrood

4) James VI and the relationship between Monarch and Kirk

• The minority of James
• Personal rule of James
• The English Succession

5) The impact of the Reformation on Scotland to 1603

• Culture and politics
• Education and economy

6) Perspective

• The Reformation and Scottish identity
• Changing perceptions

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