NQ Scottish History


It has been estimated that over a quarter of all Scots who fought in the First World War were killed, but Scotland’s role and suffering in the First World War was not unique. Her experience of war was similar to all the other countries that were fighting. 

However, the way in which people in Scotland reacted to the war was distinctive. The reasons why people fought and the way in which Scotland coped with the pressures of war help to make a unique story. The Scottish people coped heroically but were changed forever in how they looked at themselves and their country.

One of the biggest changes was in how people chose to remember the war and those who died. There is hardly a town or village in Scotland that does not have a memorial to those who died. The work of raising memorials began almost as soon as the war ended. As Scotland came to terms with the human cost of the First World War, people's grief for their dead loved ones only seemed to grow.