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Student guide

This guide for students covers the skills, strategies and learning outcomes required to successfully study Paper 2: Migration and Empire.

Teacher's guide

The teacher's guide provides an overview of the topics for study and the materials which have been provided on this website.

Migration and Empire 1830–1939

This document provides an overview of the subject and its related topics. This text can also be found on the web pages of this site.

PowerPoint presentations

These presentations cover several topics in additional detail.

The following resource gives a series of pages from Jewish newspapers. It is a useful tool to generate some level of discussion among the students.

There is no written task assigned to this. However, it has been provided to give evidence of the degree of assimilation which occurred at the time. Students should be able to write a short paragraph outlining the differences in the publications over the short time scale.

Fact sheets

Fact sheets provide a convenient way to study individual topics in detail.

Development of source evaluation skills

These resources provide suggested approaches to learning and teaching which will support the development of the skills of historical source handling and independent thinking along with an awareness of historiographical debate and interpretation.

Important note:

To access these resources, download the Zip file and then right-click and select 'Extract all...' (Windows). You must extract all the files for the interactive elements to work.


These activity-based worksheets will challenge students to explore individual topics in greater depth using the sources that have been provided.

Useful websites

These recommended websites provide additional insights into Migration and Empire topics and can be used for study in conjunction with the resources provided here.

Audio pack

Download all of the audio files for this topic.

Learning and Teaching guide

Gain an in-depth understanding of the revised Higher History course, in particular the compulsory Paper 2 Scottish History unit.