NQ Scottish History

Historical documents

Migration of Scots

Letter about proposed migration of crofters of Sconser, Skye

Report on Emigration and Migration from Rural Areas in Scotland 1923

Cabinet Report: notes on meetings of the Unemployment Policy Committee and the Migration Sub-Committee in 1928

Cabinet Report: Migration Committee on Land Settlement Schemes in Canada

Cabinet Report: Migration Committee report: Oversea Settlement in Canada

Cabinet Report: Migration to Australia and New Zealand: Ocean Passage Rates

Cabinet Report: Memorandum on Present Position of Oversea Settlement

Cabinet Report: Memorandum on Migration to Canada

Cabinet Report: Conclusions of inter-departmental committee on Oversea development and migration

Minutes of Proceedings of Inter-Departmental Conference on Assisted Emigration

Government Emigration Office: Article detailing assisted emigration to Australia and Tasmania

Australian passenger ship leaflet, 1938

Australian passenger ship timetable, 1938

Letter entitled 'Schemes for Systematic Colonisation'

Pages from book on Emigration and Crown Lands, referring to sales and returns in 1830s/1840s

Letter written by John Salmond concerning his settlement in Dunedin, New Zealand


The experience of immigrants in Scotland

Aliens Order 1920: Immigration of Foreign Agricultural Workers

Report about a Colonial Office conference from India Office

Memoranda on the Employment of Tropical African races in Europe

Speech by Sir George Gipps on immigration

Letter about removing poor Irish families from Scotland

Assortment of press cuttings and correspondence related to Irish immigration

Memorandum by the Secretary of State for Scotland on Irish migration into Scotland

Letter from Secretary of State W.M. Adamson to the Prime Minister about Irish immigration

Report on Irish-born residents in Scotland

Department of Health memorandum about Irish immigration into Scotland


The impact of Scots emigrants on the Empire

Letter about the condition of destitute emigrants in Canada for 1841 & 1842

Extract of memorandum on the Disposal of Land in Australia enclosed in a dispatch by Sir. George Gipps

Reports by Agents for Emigration in Canada (circa 1842-43)

Results of measures adapted by governments in aid of colonialisation (circa 1839-42)

Extract of a dispatch from Governor Grey to Lord John Russell at Government House, Adelaide

Report from committee of Council in New South Wales

Map of Borneo from British North Borneo Company

Letter written by Alexander MacArthur concerning his move to the Hudson Bay Company

Letter written by David MacArthur concerning his involvement in the development of Winnipeg

Letter written by a water works engineer in New York City to his family in Selkirk


The effects of migration and empire on Scotland to 1939

Cabinet Report: documents relating to Lord Lovat’s Canadian Tour and findings

Speech by Viscount Elibank on Empire Migration and Empire Trade

Report from Economic Advisory Council about Empire and Migration

Comparison of emigration figures between England, Wales and Scotland - 1912 to 1928



Leaflet advertising a national system of free employment agencies