NQ Scottish History

The Treaty of Union, 1689-1740

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In 1707 Scotland and England became one country when their parliaments were incorporated together by the Act of Union. The Treaty of Union had been negotiated between the two countries in 1706 and was passed in both Edinburgh and London the next year. Scotland and England already shared a monarch after the Union of the Crowns in 1603.

1) Background

  • Medieval Scotland
  • Union of the Crowns

2) Worsening relations with England

  • The revolution of 1688-89
  • William II and James VII
  • The Darien Scheme

3) Arguments for and against union with England

  • Arguments for the union
  • Arguments against the union

4) The passing of the Act of Union

  • England's view
  • Incorporating vs federal union
  • Debate on the Act of Union

5) The effects of the Union to 1740

  • Politics and economy
  • Society and religion
  • Jacobite opposition

6) Perspective

  • Significance of the Union
  • Timeline
  • Glossary

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