Scotlands History

Kilmartin Glen

The Neolithic and Bronze Age sites of Kilmartin Glen, near Kintyre in Argyll, are one of Scotland’s richest prehistoric landscapes.

Kilmartin Glen includes standing stones, cists and burial cairns, a henge monument and cup and ring marked stones. Over 350 ancient monuments lie within a 10 km radius of Kilmartin village.

Five burial cairns; Glebe Cairn, Nether Largie North Cairn, Nether Largie Mid Cairn, Nether Largie South Cairn, and Ri Cruin Cairn, form a straight line or linear cemetery across three miles of the landscape. Archaeological excavations of the cairns uncovered cist burials, Neolithic pottery, arrowheads and a jet necklace.

The Nether Largie standing stones and Temple Wood site are among the finest standing stone monuments in Scotland.

The remains of the important Dal Riata settlement at Dunadd lie to the south of Kilmartin.

Kilmartin House Museum is an award-winning centre for archaeology and landscape interpretation, located in the heart of Kilmartin Glen. It offers hands-on learning opportunities for schools and features a lively calendar of events.

  • A photograph of Nether Largie an ancient monument found in Kilmartin Glen

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