Scotlands History

The Tomb of the Eagles

This Neolithic chambered tomb is situated on a clifftop at Isbister, South Ronaldsay, in the Orkneys.

The grave dates to c 3000 BC and contains the remains of perhaps 300 people buried over a period of 800 years. Beside the human remains, the talons and bones of around 14 white-tailed sea eagles were found. The bird remains date to c 2450-2000 BC. Once common on Orkney, white-tailed sea eagles became extinct in Britain in 1918, but in recent years a few of these magnificent birds have been reintroduced; they feed on fish, water birds and carrion.

The Tomb of the Eagles was discovered by accident in 1958 by local farmer, Ronnie Simison. The site has now been excavated and Neolithic artefacts and stone tools dated.

  • A photograph of the inside of the Tomb of the eagles monument

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