Scotlands History

Kenneth Mac Alpin (d. 858 AD)

The Dál Riatan fortress at Dunadd was too vulnerable to Viking attacks so the royal capital moved to Forteviot, near Perth. In 839 King Uen son of Óengus of Fortriu was slain by the Vikings and Kenneth mac Alpin began a long fight for the throne.

Kenneth is thought to have become King of the Picts c.847. It is said that Kenneth’s mother was a Pictish princess, which strengthened his claim to the Pictish throne.

Kenneth Mac Alpin died in Forteviot and was buried on Iona in 858, leaving at least two daughters, one called Máel Muire, and at least two sons, Constantine and Áed.

As the Vikings settled in the west; the Dál Riatan Gaels and the Picts began to forge a new kingdom - the fledgling kingdom of Alba.

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