SATH is over a quarter of a century old. From its beginning it has been a forum for Scottish History Teachers to comment on developments in education in Scotland, share new ideas and resources and provide training for history teachers through its conferences.

SATH offers history teachers across Scotland a great deal of support:

  • Online resources, discussion forums and resources review via Facebook, Teams and Google Drive.
  • Conferences on current issues facing History education in Scotland.
  • Lobbying and consultation with national bodies to further develop History teaching in Scotland.

SATH offers you the only opportunity to meet and collaborate with History educators across Scotland. SATH offers you the only opportunity to meet and collaborate with History educators across Scotland. And since November 2014 membership is free for all.

By signing up to our mailing list you will get an email at least once a term explaining what we are up to and giving you advice on courses to undertake and resources to use. As our database of contacts expands we will also look at how we can get teachers to meet up and collaborate more regularly in both local and national forums.

You can join our mailing list by filling out a form here.

In the 21st century SATH continues to provide views on developments such as education for citizenship or the current curriculum review. It is consulted for comment by a variety of bodies such as the Scottish Government, the Scottish Qualifications Authority, BBC, National Archives and the National Trust for Scotland.

Above all, SATH seeks to raise awareness of the importance of History within the Scottish curriculum. The Council of Europe has emphasised the role of History in developing national culture and identity. Active citizenship, we believe, depends an appreciation of how Scottish society has developed, not in a narrow parochial sense, but in the context of Britain, Europe and the wider world. A full knowledge and understanding of the world and Scotland’s place in it cannot be developed without History. History Education is also important in developing skills for learning, life and work: literacy, communication skills, numeracy, critical and creative thinking, the ability to make reasoned evaluations and problem solving. History provides the foundation for Education for Citizenship. It provides essential knowledge and understanding of how rights and responsibilities have evolved in Scotland and Britain.

History, and the teaching of it, is of vital importance to the education of young people in Scotland.