Scottish Association of Teachers of History

SATH Conference 2016

At last, we have details of our 2016 Conference! Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite here.

09.309.55 Registration, History Fayre
Tea & coffee available.

10.0010.20 Welcome, Presentation of Awards
Chris MacKay, SATH President

10.2011.20 Key Note Speaker
Speaker tbc.

11.2011.40 Interval
Tea & coffee available.

11.4012.30 Course content workshops
This session will deal with key areas of content and historiography.
Please indicate on the form which workshop you wish to attend. Please also identify a second preference in case your first option is unavailable.
 USA: ‘A House Divided’, 1850-65
Speaker tbc.
 Germany: from Democracy to Dictatorship, 1918-39 
Professor Peter Jackson Glasgow University
 Russia: from Tsarism to Stalinism, 1914-45
Speaker tbc.
 Scotland: Independence and Kingship, 1249-1334
Professor Dauvit Broun Glasgow University
 Scotland and the Great War
Professor Richard Finlay Strathclyde University
 Scotland and the Slave Trade
Professor Simon Newman Glasgow University

12.30 – 13.30 Networking Lunch and History Fayre

13.30 – 14.05 SATH AGM & Assessment updates
Chris Mackay, SATH President

Denise Dunlop – National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Assessment Update 2016/17

14.05 – 14.15 The Cold War – A teaching resource
Simon Wood

14.15 15.15 Pedagogy workshops
Please indicate on the form which workshop you wish to attend.
 Tom Haward – Centre for Holocaust Education – Being Human
Even before they begin to study the Holocaust many students have well formed (but largely inaccurate) ideas about how it happened. Commonly this translates into strongly-held beliefs about the kinds of people who killed, who ‘stood-by’, and who tried to help. While these notions help to ‘make sense’ of the Holocaust, they also oversimplify the realities of the historical events.
In this session Tom Hayward will demonstrate how to use a range of detailed case studies which allow students to ask how and why ordinary people became complicit in mass murder. In so doing, they are left with searching questions about what it is to be a citizen in the modern world.
 Ian Phillips – Edge Hill University – Historical Interpretations
This session will look at teaching methods that can be used to bring pupils into contact with different interpretations of the past.
 Annie Davis – English National Archives
This is an interactive session using primary sources from National Archives of Scotland. It will demonstrate how these documents and sources can be used in the classroom using examples from the military service exemption panels.

15.15 Plenary and close
Chris MacKay, SATH President

We are now offering a departmental ticket - £170 for three members of the same department.

Ticket fees include Eventbrite charge.
Due to the introduction of free membership there will now be a flat rate for all delegates. Conference fee must be paid in advance of the conference.

If you want to send a cheque, or download a word document of the programme, please click here.

CPD for students, NQTs and Teachers alike - this Saturday!

Are you a new History teacher? Feeling that you'd like to refresh yourself with key elements of our discipline?

We are running a short session on the morning of Saturday 27th February, 10-12 am, at Edinburgh Castle. The aim is to cover some essentials such as engaging your students, creating a course, History standards, and getting everyone(!) through the exams. More importantly we want to help create a network to answer your questions and give you support.

To register, click on the link below and we'll send more details when it's all confirmed.


The Making of Modern Britain, 1880-1951 - First of our topic resource breakdowns: by you for you!

History teacher Matthew Marr has put together the first of our topic resource breakdowns, on British Topic The Making of Modern Britain, 1880-1951. Aimed at teachers tackling a brand new subject, the documents provide great links for a number of areas: download it here.

SQA links
Bitesize links
Mandatory and Illustrative content
Primary sources (websites, videos, podcasts, books & articles)
Secondary sources (websites, videos, podcasts, books & articles)
For classroom (course guides, powerpoints & activities)
For students (activities, websites, books & articles)

This series will be produced by teachers for teachers. We are hoping to add documents for every topic at N5 and Higher, and would welcome suggestions and improvements. If you'd like to be a part, email, or on twitter @SATHInfo or @NelsonHistory)

Autumn Conference 2015

Thanks to everyone who made our Autumn Conference 2015 a great success. There was plenty of positive feedback and we will be doing our best to take forward your suggestions.

We have one presentation available at the moment from the day, Laura Hannah's Education Scotland presentation, which can be found here.

The SATH Autumn Conference - November 7th 2015

SATH Autumn Conference 2015

Building on Success
Saturday 7th November 2015
The High School of Glasgow, 637 Crow Road, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G13 1PL

09.30-09.55     Registration, History Fayre, tea & coffee available

10.00-10.30     Welcome/Presentation of Awards/AGM
Chris MacKay, SATH President

10.30-11.00     The New Higher History – Key Messages
Stephen Green
11.00-11.20     Interval – tea and coffee available

11.20-12.30     Advanced Higher History
May Sharp
12.30-13.30     Networking Lunch and History Fayre

13.30-14.15     Assessment and Skills Progression within the BGE
David Gregory and Laura Hannah, Education Scotland
14.15-15.30     Please indicate the workshop you wish to attend:

(    )                  Digital Learning in History
Digital storytelling, OneNote and Apps in the Classroom. (Participants are welcome to bring their own devices for use in this session)

(    )                  Unit Assessment Workshop Higher Unit Assessments
Experienced teachers will guide you through writing/checking Higher unit assessments. This will be a practical session tailored to the needs of participants, so if you have assessments you'd like checked or even to start writing your own please bring your materials along. 

15.30               Plenary and close
Chris MacKay, SATH President

SATH Fee - £75 (Students - £30)
Due to the introduction of free membership there will now be a flat rate for all delegates. Conference fee must be paid in advance of the conference.

Please return to Chris Mackay SATH President by 29th October 2015.   All cheques should be made payable to “Scottish Association of Teachers of History”. 

Postal address:
Chris MacKay
SATH President
History Department
The High School of Glasgow
637 Crow Road
G13 1PL

Tel: 0141 954 9628

New SATH Newsletter

Greg Murray has written and collected items for the May/June Newsletter, follow this link to read.

SATH TeachMeet

Would you like to share some solutions to History at National 3, 4 and 5? Would you like to swap some materials including unit assessments and assignment advice? Feedback from colleagues on how to mark the new exams?

SATH is having its first TeachMeet this April 26th at an pub/bar (TBC) in Edinburgh, where we will be organising some expertise and looking forward to discussing the new Nationals! If you'd like to attend (free of charge), contact

New Continued Professional Development page

Found here Greg Murray provides updates on CPD and events related to History teaching. If you have any event you would like to publicise him, please email him at

The SATH Autumn Conference 2013 - The New National Qualifications

We are delighted to bring you details of our Autumn conference, which will take place at George Heriot 's School, Edinburgh, on Saturday 9th November. The day's continued professional development will focus on understanding assessment and approaches to teaching and learning, with presentations from Robert Doig, Stephen Green, John Kerr, Greg Murray and more!

The focus of our Conference will be the new National Qualifications with our theme Understanding Assessment and Approaches to Teaching and Learning. All participants will receive A Student’s Guide - How to pass History at National 5 and also A Teacher’s Guide - How to write a History Exam at National 5.

At the end of the Conference there will also be the option of a tour of George Heriot’s. Please indicate on the form if you would like to join a Student Guided Tour so we know numbers in advance.

The price of the conference is SATH Members £35; non-members £50; students £10. If you have not renewed your SATH membership the form can be found here.

Please return applications for the Conference to the SATH President, Denise Dunlop. All cheques should be made payable to “Scottish Association of Teachers of History”.

Postal address: Denise Dunlop, History Department, Turriff Academy, Victoria Road, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, AB53 4EE

The Conference program and registration form can be found here.

The SATH Spring Conference - Teaching History for a Broad General Education, S1-S3

We are pleased to bring you details of our Spring conference, which will take place at Glasgow University on the 20th April. We have some fantastic speakers lined up and this conference will be FREE of charge! More details, including how to sign up, can be found here.

SATH CPD Bursary

Two years ago SATH developed a mission statement to become "the CPD provider for history education in Scotland." Members attending our CPD, workshops, conferences and events are positive in their feedback that we are well on track with achieving that outcome.

However, we cannot be complacent. Over the past two years we have also engaged some international speakers and experts in order to look at other learning dimensions and to keep our practice as up to date and effective as possible. In a further development SATH has now launched a CPD bursary in order that our members can travel outwith Scotland to engage with that CPD and then report back to members on the findings.

Bursary applications will be considered annually and every year up to £250 will be awarded to a member. Applications for the following academic year should be with Secretary and President before the Spring Conference every year. Applications will be considered and bursaries announced before the end of that year.

The first recipient of this new bursary is Neil Johnstone from Glasgow who is a teacher of history and a SATH Committee member. His funding helped him to attend the Schools' History Project in England and he will report back on this at the Spring 2013 Conference.

The CPD Bursary form can be downloaded here.

The SATH Autumn Conference - From Principles into Practice

We are pleased to bring you the details of our Autumn conference which will take place at Edinburgh University on the 10th November. We have some excellent speakers - Robert Doig from SQA, Simon and Claire Wood, a workshop on marking the Higher paper 2, Neil Johnston on lessons from EuroClio and Jerry Teale on preparing for N5. Download the word document here.

What would you like to see taught in history?

More Scottish topics? More British topics perhaps? Napoleon? Ghengis Khan? The colonisation of South America? Let us know in this two minute survey.

What topics is your school covering 2012/13?

We now have a poll up to see what everyone is teaching next year, which of the topics are you choosing?

Please find our surveymonkey poll here. It asks for your local authority, multiple choice answers for your National 5 and Higher units, and then if there are any topics you would liked to have seen included - it should only take about 2 minutes to complete! We will let everyone know the results later in the year.

Thanks for your replies!

Learning opportunity with top academics

One of our new committee members, Professor Dauvit Broun, has brought to our attention this great opportunity to develop resources for the classroom, more here.

Also, at the last SATH conference, Dauvit presented on another new project, The Breaking of Britain. The Breaking of Britain is a collaborative project, funded by the AHRC, between the University of Glasgow, Lancaster University, the University of Edinburgh, and King’s College London (including the Department of Digital Humanities). The project is concerned with the period which extends from the failure of Alexander II’s short-lived revival of a Scoto-Northumbrian realm in 1216–17 to the formal abolition of cross-border landholding by Robert I in November 1314, following his victory at Bannockburn.

A blog is produced weekly, there are new features every month, as well as a section specifically for schools. The intention is that the site is accessible to a wide readership while, at the same time, dealing with matters of specialist interest. It really is a fantastic resource and well worth checking out.

SATH Press Release about New Qualifications

At present we have a qualification framework which the profession has waited for some time to see. It has been published on time and offers clarity in terms of what is included in and what is expected in the new examinations. Sample papers are now also being produced by SQA and these will also assist the roll out of the exams.

It is vital that staff work with the documentation that has been produced by SQA to ensure they are familiar with it and are able to ensure our students have the best possible opportunities to succeed in history, whatever the qualification they embark on. History is a traditionally popular and successful subject and SATH are confident that will remain to be the case in the future thanks to the sterling work of history teachers up and down this country who provide a sound education for Scotland’s young people.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail ran with a story on Saturday that misinterpreted the SATH president's views on the new national qualifications. We will be releasing a statement shortly to clarify our position. We would like to point out that that politicians have not influenced the historical content in the new national qualifications. A futher statement will be issued shortly.

2012 Spring Conference a great success!

Thank you to all who presented, and everyone that took part in the TeachMeet (and Stuart Brown for organising it). We hope you enjoyed coming along and getting involved. There are pictures on the Facebook group and on the forum of most of the speakers, and we hope to get more up soon. Really fantastic weekend and something we'll be looking to do again!

We want your suggestions for CPD!

SATH is striving to become the main CPD deliverer for Scottish History teachers, and we need your suggestions on what kind of CPD you would find most useful. Assessing the new national qualifications? Teaching the CfE way? Using ICT in the classroom? Paper 2 at Higher? Our CPD Coordinator Claire Wood will do her best to provide relevant courses, but the more input we receive from you, the better! Email our secretary or send us a tweet: @SATHInfo. You can also post on our forum.