Education Scotland’s old websites

Scotland’s History website

Education Scotland have removed their website, Scotland’s History, from the internet. They contacted SATH and with the help of Nelson Mundell we now have the website available here.

Due to unforeseen issues, please use the waybackmachine version instead – we apologise for the hassle and are looking at a way of resolving this.

We are grateful to Education Scotland and SCRAN for providing us with the files for this, as we recognise how many of our teachers used this excellent resource, and we are proud to host it alongside our own blog.

It should work exactly as it did when it was hosted by Education Scotland. SATH have not, and will not, change any aspect of the website (and are not liable for any information that may be incorrect).


Higher Scottish History website

Capturing this has proven a difficulty, one on which we are working on. In the meantime, we can suggest using this link to navigate the Higher Scottish History website: please use the wayback machine by clicking here.