Yearbook repository

In 2019, President Chris Mackay managed to collate many of the yearbooks and sent them off to be digitised so members could access them online. We now have them from the printers, and members will find lots of interesting articles useful for teaching the curriculum.

SATH Year Book 2022
Editorial – Joe Smith – pg.1

The Darien Scheme & Global History in the Classroom – Tim Riding – pg.3

Integrating Social Studies using an ‘Enduring Human Issues’ approach – Jenna Frew – pg.9

How should Britain’s history of Empire be taught? – Neil Ross – pg.22

The Confederate Statue debate: helping pupils take a historical perspective on contemporary questions – Connor McCrone – pg.34

Where does one era end and the other begin? Teaching the Cold War through a Second World War context – Jessica Douthwaite – pg.42

Teaching Britain’s Empire & Black History introductory resource list – pg.48

Writing for the SATH yearbook – pg.51


SATH Year Book 2021 (all articles)
Editorial – Joe Smith
“Rebels Without a Cause”: The External Jacobite Diasporas, 1688–1788 – Calum Cunningham
Using academic history in the classroom: Causes of the Cuban Missile Crisis – Matthew Marr
A ‘Big Questions’ approach to curriculum development in Social Studies – Scott Doyle
Teaching the Srebrenica Genocide – Fiona Malcolm
Developing a series of video clips to support the teaching of the First World War – Kieran Taylor
Scotland’s Heroines: The Representation of Women in Scotland’s Secondary Curriculum – Bryony E. Mole
Recovering Education: History in the Post-Pandemic Classroom – Mamie Philp

SATH Year Book 2018
Biographical notes on the contributors
Editorial – Chris Mackay
In Search of Robert Bruce Without Barbour or Barrow as a Guide: Words and Deeds – Dauvit Brown
In Search of Robert Bruce – Martin MacGregor
Reassessing the Age of Revolution – Julian Goodare
The Covenanters and ‘The Killing Times’: Reclaiming the Restoration Covenanters, 1660 – 1688 – Laura Doak
Out With the Old, In With the New? Scottish Politics in the Aftermath of the Great War – Ewen A. Cameron
The Challenge of Performativity in the Certified History Classroom – Chris O’Hanlon
Freedom to Believe: A Caribbean Social and Religious History Resource – Diana Paton
The Girvan Riots of 1831 – Chris Mackay
Results of National History Teachers Survey – Dr Joe Smith

SATH Year Book – Volume 25 – 2011
Editorial – Ashley McGuffie
Message from the SATH President – Neil D R McLennan
Biographical Notes on the contributors
Patrick Gordon and his Diary – Professor Paul Dukes, University of Aberdeen
Popular Politics and the Making of the Union of 1707 – Dr Karin Bowie, University of Glasgow
Jacobites Challenged: Whigs, Hanoverians and the Struggle for Scotland, c. 1688-c.1746 – Professor Christopher A. Whatley, University of Dundee
Women in Scottish History: new directions and possibilities – Professor Lynn Abrams, University of Glasgow
Population Growth and Population Movement in Scotland c.1851-1931 – Dr William Kenefick, University of Dundee
Conflict and Commemoration: Centennials, Sesquicentennials and the Ongoing Battle over America’s History – Professor Susan-Mary Grant, Newcastle University
Martin Luther King Jr.: Myth Versus Reality – Dr David McKinstry, Inverclyde Academy

SATH Year Book – Volume 23 – 2009
Biographical Notes on the contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
The Italian Renaissance Court – Dr John E. Law, University of Swansea
Landscape, Labour and Cultural Identity – Dr John Morrison,
University of Aberdeen
Democratic politics and the spirit of the hustings since 1867 – Dr Jon Lawrence, University of Cambridge
Jack the Ripper and the Historians – Dr Rohan McWilliam, Anglia Ruskin University
The Diversity of Suffrage Organisations – Professor Krista Cowman, University of Lincoln
The End of the British Empire and the Break-Up of Britain: Cause and Effect? – Professor Paul Ward
University of Huddersfield
The Kennedy Administration and Civil Rights: Rhetoric versus Reality – Dr David McKinstry, Port Glasgow High School
Reviews and Perspectives

SATH Year Book – Volume 22 – 2008
Biographical Notes on the contributors
Independence for Higher? Robert Bruce and the Scottish Wars of Independence – Professor Edward J Cowan, University of Glasgow
The Final Arbiter: Public Opinion and Union Victory in the American Civil War – Dr Adam IP Smith, University College London
J M Barrie and the First World War: Propagandist; Philanthropist and Apologist – Dr Ann Petrie, Angus College
Early Soviet Cultural Policy and Experimentation – Dr Neil Edmunds, University of West England
The League of Nations and Disarmament: A Lost Cause? – Dr Carolyn Kitching, University of Teeside
Opposition and Accommodation in Nazi Germany: An overview of Perspectives – Professor Tim Kirk, University of Newcastle
Nancy Astor and Hamish Henderson’s ‘The Ballad of the D-Day Dodgers’ – Dr David Martin, University of Sheffield
Industry, Pollution and the Apartheid state in South Africa –  Dr Phia Steyn, University of Stirling
The Comparative Accountancy of Death in War – Dr Mike Haynes, University of Wolverhampton
Reviews and Perspectives

SATH Year Book – Volume 21 – 2007
Biographical Notes on the contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
England and Scotland at War in the Early Fourteenth Century – Professor Michael Prestwich, University of Durham
The Union of 1707 after 300 Years: the debate goes on – Professor Christopher Whatley, University of Dundee
‘The First Grand War of Contemporaneous History’: The American Civil War in Global Context – Dr Susan-Mary Grant, University of Newcastle
Lloyd George and the Liberal Party – Dr David Powell, York St John University College
The Russian Civil War: Three Views on When it Began – Dr Murray Frame, University of Dundee
Communists against the Weimar Republic: New Perspectives in the Post-Cold War World – Dr Norman LaPorte, University of Glamorgan
Making Fascists out of Italians: Mussolini’s ‘cultural revolution’ – Dr Phillip Morgan, University of Hull
Caste and the Rise of an ‘Untouchable’ Middle Class in Contemporary India – Dr Sarah Beth, University of Cambridge
Reviews and Perspectives

SATH Year Book – Volume 20 – 2006
Biographical Notes on the Contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
The Proslavery Struggle for Missouri, 1849-61 – Dr Wayne Johnson, York St John University College
New Perspectives on Japanese Society and the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-5 – Dr Naoko Shimazu, Birkbeck College, University of London
The British People and the Evolution of Democracy – Professor Kevin Jefferys, University of Plymouth
The Russian Revolution: EH Carr, Soviet and Post-Soviet Historians – Professor Paul Dukes, University of Aberdeen
The Russian Revolution: Beginnings, Ends and Perspectives on the Soviet Thermidor – Dr Ronald Kowalski, University College, Worcester
‘Banal Evil’ and ‘Cogs in the Machine’, Exploring the Relationship between Atrocity, Bureaucracy and Modernity – Dr Martyn Housden, University of Bradford
The Historiography of the Home Front in World War Two Britain – Dr Sally Sokoloff,
University College, Northampton
The British Post-War Consensus: A Concept for all Seasons? – Dr David Martin,
University of Sheffield
Richard Nixon and the Origins of Affirmative Action – Dr Kevin Yuill,
University of Sunderland
Mikhail Gorbachev and the Collapse of the Soviet Union – Dr Steven Morewood,
University of Birmingham
Using History to Understand Contemporary Conflicts – Professor Philip Sabin,
Kings College, University of London
Reviews and Perspectives

SATH Year Book – Volume 19 – 2005
Biographical Notes on the contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
Reading the Sources for Viking and Norse Scotland – Professor Judith Jesch
Plato, Byzantium and the Italian Renaissance – Dr Jonathan Harris
The Great Irish Famine – Professor Christine Kinealy
Culture and religion in Russia: debates and new trends –  Dr Fiona Montgomery
The role of the state in Japan’s industrial modernization, 1868-1914 – Professor Kenneth Brown
Women’s Teacher Training Colleges in the later 19th early 20th century: an instrument of social control?
The Halo-Abyssinian Crisis as a Tilting Point Towards World War Two – Dr Steven Morewood
Reviews and Perspectives

SATH Year Book – Volume 18 – 2004
Biographical Notes on the contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
Ottoman, Romanovs and Mr Gladstone: the Eastern Question from 1854 to 1898 – Dr Michael Partridge, St Mary’s College, University of Surrey
Teaching the Great War – Professor T. Hunt Tooley, Austin College, Texas
cotland and the Great War – Professor Elaine McFarland, Glasgow Caledonian University
The Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s – Dr Clive Webb, University of Sussex
Pursuing a ‘los von Europa’ policy? British foreign policy and Europe in the 1920s – Dr Frank Magee, University of Coventry
What’s New in the Women’s History of the Stalin Era? – Dr Melanie Ilic
University of Gloucestershire
Big business in the Third Reich: New research and perspectives – Professor Ray Stokes, University of Glasgow
Thinking about the end of the Cold War – Professor Richard Crockatt, University of East Anglia
Reviews and Perspectives

SATH Year Book – Volume 17 – 2003
Biographical Notes on the contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
After that Movie: Recent work on the Scottish Wars oflndependence, c.l286 – c.l400 – Dr Michael Penman, University of Stirling
Rethinking the Abolition of Serfdom in Russia in 186l – Dr David Moon,
University of Strathclyde
‘To the Final Destruction of All Enemies!’ New Approaches to Stalinist Terror – r Kevin McDermott, Sheffield Hallam University
Appeasement and the Czechoslovaks Historians and the Holocaust since 1945 – Dr Maria Dowling, St Mary’s College, University of Surrey
Historians and the Holocaust since 1945 – Dr Neil Gregor, University of Southampton
The Defence Production Committee and South-East Asia, 1950-60 – Dr John Weste, University of Durham

SATH Year Book – Volume 16 – 2002
Biographical Notes on the Contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
Hadrian’s Wall: The Final Frontier – Alison Ewin, St Martin’s College, Lancaster
Social Policy during the Reign of Louis XIV – Dr Timothy McHugh, Trent University, Canada
Nationalism and the National Question in the Soviet Union: Problems of Interpretation – Dr Paul Flenley, University of Portsmouth
Who were the Nazis? The Social Characteristics of the Support Mobilised by the Nazi Movement, 1920-1933 – Dr Detlef Mulhlberger, Oxford Brookes University
The Spanish Civil War, 1936-39 – Dr R Joseph Harrison, University of Manchester
‘Why not leave the prosecution of the war to Generals?’ Churchill and his Commanders in World War Two – Dr David Rolf, University College, Worcester
Reviews and Perspectives

SATH Year Book – Volume 15 – 2001
Biographical Notes on the contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
The Origins of the Celts – Professor John Collis, University of Sheffield
Revising French Absolutism – Dr David Parker, University of Leeds
Scottish Politics and the State of the Union, 1780-1815 –
Dr Emma V Macleod, University of Stirling
Slavery and the African American Experience 1850-1865 – Dr Cynthia S Hamilton,
Manchester Metropolitan University
Political Developments in South Africa, 1910-1948 – Dr Chris Venter,
University of Stellenbosch
Stalin, Collectivisation and the Soviet Peasantry – Dr Mark Sandie, De Montfort University
The Allied Bombing Campaign Against Germany in World War II – Dr John Buckley, University of Wolverhampton

SATH Year Book – Volume 14 – 2000
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
Biographical Notes on the Contributors
Scotland’s experience of feudalism in the twelfth century – Professor Geoffrey WS Barrow
Teaching the Renaissance – Professor Alison M Brown
Enlightenment and its discontents: Scotland in the eighteenth century – Dr Alexander Murdoch
New Approaches to the Political History of 19th Century Britain – Dr Michael J Turner
Slavery and the American Civil War: The Current State of Play – David Brown
Japanese History, 1850-1920: Contention and Progress – Professor John Crump
How Racist were the Germans? – Dr Martyn Housden
Social Conflict and Political Polarization in Spain. The Origins of the Spanish Civil War – Dr Francisco J Romero Salvado
Who Built the Soviet System? Lenin, Stalin and the Search for the Road to Socialism – Dr Christopher Read
Britain in the Second World War: issues and debates – Robert Mackay
Reviews and Perspectives

SATH Year Book – Volume 13 – 1999
Biographical Notes on the contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
The Attlee Government and the creation of the welfare state in Britain, 1945-1951 – Professor Rodney Lowe
The Decade of the 1730s: A Turning Point in Scottish Highland Emigration to America – Dr Anthony Parker
The ‘Foreign Plot’ and the Terror in the French Revolution – Dr Mike Rapport
Turning Points or Continuity? German foreign policy between the wars – Sabine Wichert
The Czech Crisis of 1938: Key Turning Point on the Road to the Second World War – Dr Frank McDonough
From Munich to War – Dr R.A.C. Parker
April Theses and April Crises: Lenin and the Leadership of the Russian Revolution – Dr Patricia Collins

SATH Year Book – Volume 12 – 1998
Biographical Notes on the contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
Medieval Scotland: Truth and ‘Fiction – Dr Fiona Watson
The Revolution of 1688 in Scotland – Dr Lionel K J Glassey
The Anglo-Scottish Union of 1707; a turning point in Scottish History? – Professor Ian Whyte
The Static Society: A Sceptical Look at the Later Russian Empire – Dr David Saunders
Russia after 1905: was Tsarism doomed? – Dr Peter Waldron
James Ramsay MacDonald, the ‘betrayal of 1931’ and the response of the Labour Party – Professor Keith Laybourn
Smolensk, 1941: The Turning Point of Hitler’s War in the East? – Dr Evan Mawdsley
Reviews and Perspectives

SATH Year Book – Volume 11 – 1997
Biographical Notes on the contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
William Shakespeare, the Wars of the Roses and Richard III – Keith Dockray
The Scottish Women’s Suffrage Movement – Elspeth King
The Scottish Trade Union Movement c.1850 to 1914 – Dr William Kenefick
A ‘Fine Harvest’?- Women’s Achievements since the Vote was Won – Esther Breitenbach
Interpreting the Weimar Republic – Dr Jeremy Leaman
Britain and the Great Depression – Dr Patricia Clavin

SATH Year Book – Volume 10 – 1996
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
The Growth of the Labour Party up to 1914 – Dr Andrew Thorpe
The End of Laisser Faire? Britain’s passage to “Modernity” in the late 19th century – Dr John R Davis
Italian Nationalism and Fascism – Dr John Whittam
The Russian Civil War: What the Soviet Archives Tell Us – Dr Geoffrey R Swain
Mobilize and survive: “a story from the Spanish Civil War” (1936) – Dr Helen Graham
African Americans in the 20th century – Dr Neil Wynn

SATH Year Book – Volume 09 – 1995
Biographical Notes on the contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
The Appeal of Nazism – Dr Conan Fischer
The Russian Revolution of 1905 – John Morison
New Interpretations of Lenin for a Post-Communist Age – Beryl Williams
Victorian Parliamentary Reform in Perspective – Dr Roland Quinault
Was the League of Nations really a failure?: the ‘new diplomacy· in a period of appeasement – Professor Peter J Beck
Tales of National Insecurity: American Historians and the Cold War – Dr Scott Lucas

SATH Year Book – Volume 08 – 1994
Biographical Notes on the Contributors
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
The Chaplain Who Could Make Anyone Fight: The Reverend George Duncan at GHQ, 1916-1918 – Dr Gerard J. De Groot
Social Welfare and Politics in the Weimar Republic – Dr Peter D. Stachura
Working-Class Girls’ Education in Glasgow, 1872-1900 – Dr Jane McDermid
Scottish Brewing: A Snapshot in the late 1940s* – Dr Terry Gourvish
The Medieval Church and the defence of a Scottish Identity – Bruce Webster

SATH Year Book – Volume 07 – 1993
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
Squabbling while London Burned : Archibald Sinclair, Max Beaverbrook and the Air War, 1940-42 – Dr Gerard J. De Groot
Thomas Gresham: Private Person rather than Public Figure – Dr Jennifer Newman
“Signer and framer”: Creator of the American system of Government James Wilson 1742-1798 – Dr Graham E. Watson
The intersection of politics and business: A biographical exploration of ‘the Eric Geddes type’: 1915-1937 – Dr Keith Grieves
Warts and All? Species of Business biography: Their merits and perils – Dr David J. Jeremy
The Early Career of Benjamin Disraeli: A Fresh Interpretation Reviews – Dr Jane Ridley

SATH Year Book – Volume 06 – 1992
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
The Urban History of Modern Scotland: Introductory Survey – Dr Iain Hutchison
Death, Chambers Street ‘and Edinburgh Corporation – Dr Robert J. Morris
Organising for Change: Trade Unions and the City – Dr W. Hamish Fraser
The Price of Urbanisation in Nineteenth Century Scotland – Robert Tyson
The Problem of Infectious Diseases in Stirling: 1830-1914 – Alastair Maclaren
Modern Social Welfare in a Changing Urhan Environment – Dr John Brown
Business Advertising and the Nineteenth Century City – Dr Stana Nenadic
Sport and Urhanisation in 19th Century Scotland – Dr Neil Tranter
Education and the Urban historian – Dr Lawrence Williams
A Revised View of the Transport History of the Nineteenth Century: The Neglected Role of the Coastal Ship – Professor John Armstrong
Migration within Urban Areas with special reference to the West End of Glasgow – Dr Peter Hillis
The Exciting Smell of Old Paper – Michael S. Moss


SATH Year Book – Volume 05 – 1991
Editorial – Andrew Hunt
The Elusive Identity – Cliff Hanley
The Scottish Countryside and the Scottish City – Professor Christopher Harvie
“Biting the Dust” The Poles in Alloa – Rosa Macpherson
The Scottish Highlands and Scottish National Identity – Dr Charles Withers
Scotland and Ulster: The Historical Links – Dr Graham Walker
Norwegian links with Scotland – John Simpson
The Jews of Glasgow: Aspects of Health and Welfare 1790 – 1920 – Dr Kenneth Collins