Post 2016 Conference download links

Thank you everyone for making the SATH Conference 2016 a great success – speakers, exhibitors and attendees! Thank you also Glasgow High School for hosting us.

There are, wonderfully, lots of downloads for both those of us that were there, and those that weren’t!

10.20 – 11.20 Key Note Speaker

Tom Haward, UCL, Teaching the Holocaust in Secondary School

11.40 – 12.30 Course content workshops

This session will deal with key areas of content and historiography.

Please indicate on the form which workshop you wish to attend. Please also identify a second preference in case your first option is unavailable.

 Germany: from Democracy to Dictatorship, 1918-39 

Professor Peter Jackson Glasgow University

 Russia: from Tsarism to Stalinism, 1914-45

Dr Patricia Barton University of Strathclyde

 Scotland: Independence and Kingship, 1249-1334

Professor Dauvit Broun Glasgow University

 Scotland and the Great War

Professor Richard Finlay Strathclyde University

 Scotland and the Slave Trade

Professor Simon Newman Glasgow University

 13.30 – 14.05 SATH AGM & Assessment updates

Chris Mackay, SATH President


Fourth Level

Denise Dunlop – National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Assessment Update 2016/17

14.05 – 14.15 The Cold War – A teaching resource

Simon Wood

14.15 – 15.15 Pedagogy workshops

Please indicate on the form which workshop you wish to attend.

 Tom Haward – Centre for Holocaust Education – Being Human

Being Human link

 • Ian Phillips – Edge Hill University – Historical Interpretations


Word doc


Dan Smith article


 Annie Davis – English National Archives 

Please do engage in the new survey in from Stirling University and SATH committee member Dr Joseph Smith:

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